Trial for James Crumbley wraps up for Monday, testimony resumes Tuesday

Posted at 9:19 AM, Mar 10, 2024

PONTIAC, Mich.. (WXYZ) — James Crumbley is expected back in court bright and early Tuesday morning as testimony is set to resume for a fourth day in the second trial connected to the Oxford High School shootings.

James, the father of the Oxford High School shooter, is charged with four counts of involuntary manslaughter. Details from Monday's testimony are below.

The first person to take the stand on Monday was Shawn Hopkins, the shooter's counselor who met with the shooter, James and Jennifer before the shooting.

As he testified in the trial for Jennifer, Hopkins testified about the meeting he had with the shooter and James and Jennifer and said he told the parents he wanted them to get the shooter help.

"I didn't want him to be alone. My concern was him," Hopkins said.

Hopkins also said James was talking to the shooter while Hopkins talked to Jennifer, and that James told the shooter he had people he can talk to.

James' attorney, Mariell Lehman, cross-examined Hopkins and asked if Hopkins had any reason to think they wouldn't get the shooter help.

"I didn't have reason to believe that at the time," he said.

Watch Hopkins' testimony below

Oxford High School counselor testifies at James Crumbley's trial

The next person to take the stand was Nick Ejak, who was the dean of students at Oxford High School at the time of the shooting. He met with the shooter the day before and the day of the shooting, and attending the meeting on Nov. 30 with Hopkins, the shooter, James and Jennifer.

Questions during the cross-examination focused on the gun that James purchased, and then in redirect, questions were asked whether or not James mentioned that the firearm he purchased was for the shooter.

Watch Ejak's testimony below

Former dean of students at Oxford High School testifies at James Crumbley's trial

After lunch, Brett Brandon, an ATF agent who searched their home after the shooting, also talked about the gun and took jurors through videos showing the shooter using the weapon.

Watch Part 1 of Brandon's testimony below:

ATF agent testifies during James Crumbley's trial

What happened Thursday and Friday?

On Thursday, both the prosecution and defense made their opening statements, and the first witnesses took the stand. We heard from a teacher at the school who was shot, and a computer crimes expert who worked with the Oakland County Sheriff's Office.

Testimony then continued on Friday. However, court wrapped up early in the afternoon after prosecutors indicated they did not have another witness present and that the case was moving quicker than expected.

Ed Wagrowski, the computer crimes expert, re-took the stand on Friday morning and was cross-examined by James' defense attorney, Mariell Lehman.

Cross-examination of Ed Wagrowski in the James Crumbley trial

During the cross-examination, Wagrowski was asked about the context of the shooter's text messages they had previously gone through.

Next on the stand was Robert Koteles, who works in the forensic lab at the Oakland County Sheriff's Office. He went through the crime scene and discussed the investigation at the high school following the shooting.

Crime scene investigator testifies about Oxford shooting at James Crumbley trial

The fourth person to take the stand for the prosecution was Cammy Back, who works as an office manager at the gun store where James bought the weapon the shooter used in the crime. Back was the one who sold the gun to James.

Woman who works at gun shop & sold the gun testifies at James Crumbley's trial

After lunch, the next person to take the stand in the trial for James Crumbley was Oakland County Sheriff’s Office Detective Sgt. Joe Brian with the special investigations unit.

Brian was among the first to speak with James and Jennifer Crumbley around 2 p.m. on the day of the shooting. They played video from inside the interview room where the detectives asked questions about their son and what happened during the day before the shooting.

Man who interviewed James & Jennifer Crumbley testifies at James' trial

Watch highlights from day one below

Trial underway for James Crumbley, father of Oxford High School shooter

We're also learning that James has lost access to the telephone while being behind bars.

The Oakland County Sheriff's Office said James made threatening statements on the phone and in electronic messages. His communication has been restricted to just his attorney.

“That nightmare was preventable and it was foreseeable,” Assistant Prosecutor Marc Keast told the jury.

Prosecution gives opening statement in trial for James Crumbley

“James Crumbley was not aware that his son had access to that firearm,” defense attorney Mariell Lehman told the jury.

Defense attorney Mariell Lehman gives opening statement in James Crumbley trial

After the opening statements, Mollly Darnell, who was shot during the shooting, took the stand.

Molly Darnell, teacher who was shot at Oxford High School, testifies at James Crumbley's trial

"I lock eyes with this person and I see some movement coming from the side of him and I realize that's he's raising a gun to me," she said.

The prosecutors also called a detective who was previously with the computer crimes unit of the Oakland County Sheriff's Office in November 2021 when thee shooting happened.

The detective took jurors through texts between James and his wife, Jennifer, in the days leading up to the shooting.

Jurors also saw video of the Crumbleys arriving to the high school after learning the shooter made disturbing drawings on a math assignment and heard audio of a 911 call made by James after the alert of an active shooter went out.