Lafayette Coney Island closed after Detroit Health Department issues violation over rodent concerns

Lafayette Coney
Posted at 3:46 PM, Sep 07, 2022
and last updated 2022-09-07 16:53:32-04

(WXYZ) — Lafayette Coney Island is currently closed after a cease and desist was issued by the Detroit Health Department Wednesday morning.

Chief Public Health Officer of the City of Detroit Denise Fair Razo said on Tuesday they were alerted to an "abundance" of social media postings referencing rodents running through the restaurant. She said they sent a team out to evaluate and while they didn’t see rodents, they did see “substantial evidence in the form of droppings.”

We’re told Lafayette voluntarily closed at that time, but reopened later in the afternoon.

“This morning we issued a cease and desist to make sure that they stayed closed,” said Fair Razo, noting that the order is to protect the public’s health.

She said they are working with the restaurant as they clean the facility and patch up some holes.

Fair Razo said she is appreciative of the community letting them know when they see something.

“The health department can’t be everywhere at all times, so we do rely on our residents,” she said.

She said residents can always call them or tag them on social media with concerns.

You can view former inspections of Lafayette Coney Island here.