Local businesses already feel impact of Michigan Central Station re-opening

Posted at 6:19 AM, Jun 06, 2024

DETROIT (WXYZ) — The 6-year restoration of Michigan Central Station is complete, with the re-opening of the historic train station happening tonight with a star-studded concert.

"This is the center point, the nerve center of how people interact with Michigan Central and really becomes the place when you say, 'Meet me at the station.' This is right here," Michigan Central CEO Josh Sirefman told us earlier this week.

VIDEO: Bill Ford Jr. speaks out on his hopes for the rebirth of Michigan Central Station

Bill Ford speaks out on his hopes for the reborn Michigan Central Station

Six years and 3100 workers who were part of the re-building of this iconic structure also helped support the local economy, from businesses in Corktown to Mexicantown.

Eugene Cooley, the co-owner of Evie's Tamles, says it helped with his small business.

"Half of the guys that are working in that train station that have done the windows to the concrete work, they're all here for breakfast. we open up at 4am," Cooley said.

Eugene says the reopening means a lot and it's come full circle for him and his family an old picture of the train station that hangs on the wall of evie's with now space for a new one.

"My mother and my uncle Danny who started the restaurant as kids used to sell newspapers in front of the train station, so my mom is just over the moon about what's going on," Cooley told us.

At Armondo's, which is down the street, assistant GM Cristian Rubio says for the last six years, when construction started, the increase in business to the area has helped.

"Ever since the train station started getting renovated, it was like a domino effect where everything else, opposite instead of tumbling down, it picked back up," Rubio said.

And today, with people coming in from every community in Metro Detroit and some beyond for the concert businesses in Mexican town want to everyone to know they're right down the street.

The last train to roll out of this station was over 30 years ago, and this Friday is when the public tours begin in Corktown.

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