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Before drunken arrest with firearm, Detroit officer had troubling pattern of misconduct

Earlier this year, Dombrowski was rated one of DPD's highest-risk officers
Posted at 5:33 PM, Nov 22, 2022
and last updated 2022-11-22 18:48:52-05

DETROIT (WXYZ) — A Detroit police officer recently accused of brandishing a firearm and driving drunk has been the subject of repeated discipline by the department and was recently labeled as one of its most high-risk officers.

Kory Dombrowski was arrested shortly after midnight on November 18 after his girlfriend called 911. Dombrowski was intoxicated, carrying multiple firearms and wearing body armor, according to Michigan State Police.

But last week’s arrest was hardly Dombrowski's first case of alleged misconduct. Records obtained by 7 Action News show he has been a problem officer for most of his short career.

Since joining the force in 2016, he has been the subject of at least seven disciplinary cases. Repeatedly, Dombrowski was found to have used profane language toward citizens while on duty, with much of it caught on his bodycam.

A slew of incidents in 2020 earned him a 12-day suspension, including two instances where Dombrowksi posted images on social media that included the n-word.

In another incident, Dombrowksi was recorded using a homophobic slur.


His commader wrote: "(T)his officer appears to have a propensity for using profane language directed at and around citizens...he needs some kind of sensitivity training to save him from himself.”

But the problems didn’t stop.

Twice the following year, Dombrowski was found guilty of using unnecessary force. In one incident, he was found to have kicked a citizen who wouldn’t let go of a steering wheel and, the following week, found guilty of pushing a different citizen.

Dombrowski was hit with suspensions of 5 and 16 days, but both were under appeal.

Two months after that, Dombrowski was found to use more derogatory language against a citizen, hurling a slew of demeaning names at one, then pointing his taser at his face and threatening to “tase the (expletive) out of you.”

This time, a 23-day suspension was handed down, but is also listed as under appeal.

“Why is he still an officer?” asked Detroit Police Commissioner Ricardo Moore. “That’s the number one thing that comes to mind. Why is this person still an officer?”

Earlier this year, in response to a series of 7 Action News investigations into officer misconduct, DPD released a list of its highest-risk officers. Dombrowski was listed at #20.

While his arrest is the latest to tarnish the department, Moore fears it won’t be the last.

“It’s happening too fast and too furious,” he said of officer arrests. “A lot of officers are doing things they shouldn’t be doing, and we need to deep dive to find out why.”

In a statement, DPD said Dombrowski will remain suspended until his criminal case is complete.

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