7-year-old soda maker heading to semifinals in national beverage contest

Beau Blackmon
Posted at 4:59 PM, Nov 22, 2022
and last updated 2022-11-22 19:57:07-05

(WXMI) — Good Soda is not your average beverage. The drink is made for kids, by kids, and it's already gaining national attention.

"We add a little bit of real fruit, carbonate it, add a little bit of citric acid, couple drops of Monk Fruit, and then we can it," said Good Soda Owner Beau Blackmon.

At just 7 years old, Beau Blackmon spends time after school making soda with his dad, Jarrett.

"Since my mom didn't let me drink like Coke or Sprite or anything," Beau said, "I thought I could create one that I could have."

Around the time the 7-year-old had the idea, he was taste testing for his dad's beverage company, so he was familiar with the business.

"One night he came downstairs after he got his jammies on and he said, 'You know, I want to make a zero-sugar soda for me and my friends. Is that something you think we could do?'" Jarrett said.

Officially launching the business five months ago, Beau is already making a name for himself in the BevNet Live New Beverage Showdown.

Out of thousands of applicants, he and 11 other entrants made it to the semifinals where he will have to pitch his drink.

"We kind of joke inside our family that, of course, our 7-year-old has a better idea and a better product than we have ever come up with. So we're very proud," Jarrett said.

Good Soda can be found at Factory Coffee in downtown Kalamazoo, the farmers market and on his website.

"It's just a great product because it's giving kids soda, which all kids want, but it doesn't have the sugar or the high acidity that, you know, normal soda has," said Factory Coffee Owner Dan Kastner.

Kastner is happy to sell Good Soda in his coffee shop and is excited to see where the contest will take the young entrepreneur.

"We have apple, strawberry, watermelon, grape and mixed berry," Beau says. "Next summer we will be coming to with two other amazing flavors: orange crush and cherry cola," Beau said.

The competition is from Dec. 5–6. Beau and his father are working on their pitch.

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