Prosecutor finds officer acted in self defense in fatal shooting

Kalamazoo Officer Involved Shooting
Posted at 12:34 PM, Aug 25, 2022

KALAMAZOO, Mich. — The Kalamazoo County Prosecutor, Jeff Getting, issued his opinion today after reviewing evidence in the deadly shooting of Nicholas Conklin on March 20th.

Today Getting called the events of that day 'incredibly tragic' for all involved. However, he found Officer Taylor Boreham acted in self-defense when he fatally shot Nicholas Conklin.

The actions of Mr. Conklin posed an immediate and extreme threat of death or serious injury to PSO Boreham, other officers, and the people nearby. PSO Boreham’s belief that Mr. Conklin posed an immediate threat was both honest and reasonable.
Jeffrey S. Getting, Kalamazoo County Prosecuting Attorney

The day it happened, police were tipped off to Conklin's location by anonymous caller telling them he had a stolen pickup in his possession that may have been involved in a recent hit and run crash.

When police approached the location, they found the stolen truck outside an apartment.

Officers attempted to get Conklin to come out of the building, but saw him trying to cut through a screen on a second-story window. They later heard gunshots and a woman scream.

According to police, Conklin then came out of the apartment, firing a handgun and advancing on two officers. Boreham fired at Conklin, fatally wounding him.

Neither the officers nor the woman inside the apartment were injured.

When we spoke to Conklin's she told us the man she knew was very different from the person involved in this incident.

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