Governor Whitmer signs executive directive streamlining CHIPS Act resources

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Posted at 4:30 PM, Aug 02, 2022

HEMLOCK, Mich. — Gov. Gretchen Whitmer has signed an executive directive Tuesday that will streamline resources provided by the CHIPS and Science Act.

The CHIPS Act passed the Senate in a 64–33 vote last week.

The Michigan governor’s office says the CHIPS Act will create and preserve tens of thousands of jobs while boosting manufacturing in the United States.

“The bipartisan CHIPS and Science Act will make a once-in-a-century investment in American industry to create and protect tens of thousands of jobs, bring supply chain from China to Michigan, and help lower costs for working families on electronics, cars, and so much more,” says Governor Whitmer. “The ongoing chip crisis is having a stark impact on Michigan. We need to move fast, which is why I signed an executive directive today preparing Michigan to harness every available resource from the CHIPS and Science Act to set up our state for decades of growth.”

We’re told the executive directive will instruct all departments and entities in Michigan to make use of all resources the CHIPS Act provides while also drawing sustainable financing from global companies that produce semiconductors.

The state adds the executive directive will encourage swift permit processing and order agencies and departments to seek development opportunities that will benefit the semiconductor industry.

“I will fight hard to ensure that Michigan brings home as many resources as possible from the CHIPS and Science Act, and I look forward to unleashing our state’s potential,” Whitmer adds. “Let’s keep putting the world on notice and show everyone that Michigan is the place to build the future.”

Watch Governor Whitmer sign the executive directive from Hemlock here:

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Read the executive directive below:

ED 2022-8 CHIPS Act (220801) (for Signature) by WXMI on Scribd

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