Macomb County deputy rescues baby rabbits in bag after they were thrown from a car

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Posted at 10:21 AM, May 02, 2024
and last updated 2024-05-03 06:47:53-04

ROMEO, Mich. (WXYZ) — A Macomb County sheriff's deputy rescued a bag full of baby rabbits after they were thrown from a car earlier this week.

According to the Macomb County Sheriff's Office, they received a call around 7 p.m. from someone who said they saw a person throw a plastic bag out a car window, and that bag had baby rabbits inside.

VIDEO: Body cam video of Macomb County sheriff's deputy rescuing baby rabbits

VIDEO: Body cam video of Macomb County deputy rescuing baby rabbits

Deputy Taylor Dibble was dispatched to the neighborhood in the area of Potomac Drive and Shoal Drive in Macomb Township.

She told 7 News Detroit, "I see this big plastic mound. It’s moving. I look down at it. I see a little bunny’s head poked out. Its little nose is twitching. It’s suctioned around this guy’s neck, no oxygen, rip out my key, tear into the bag, get these bunnies out. There’s 8 of ‘em in there.”

She said the bag had been tied with multiple knots, and the rest of the bag had an airtight seal.

Deputies then contacted the Detroit Animal Welfare Group in Romeo, and they took in the rabbits. Unfortunately, one had already died, officials say.

DAWG Director Kelly LaBonty said the rabbits were about 1-2 weeks old and were unable to live on their own without care from their mother or rehab efforts.

She explained, “So, they were put in an incubator to keep warm and we’re feeding them regular food for the bunnies and we will keep them until they’re about almost one month old and then they’re ready for release.”

Dibble said, “Being able to take this hopeless call, really, and finding these super super small babies, giving them to this facility and getting hope back from it, it’s everything.”

Deputies say the suspect was a younger to middle-aged white male driving a small red Chevy car. Anyone with information is asked to contact the Macomb County Sheriff’s Office.