Man accused of shooting woman in neck given GPS tether after initially being released without one

Posted at 12:42 PM, Jan 20, 2023
and last updated 2023-01-20 17:58:08-05

(WXYZ) — Torrion Hudson, the man accused of shooting a young woman at a Detroit gas station is now walking free with a GPS tether following an emergency bond hearing held on Friday morning.

Hudson was able to post bail on January 13 after his bond was reduced from $1 million to $250,000. He was initially released without a tether.

"When I found out the news I actually went to the judge's chambers. He had a sign on his door and I interrupted him in a zoom meeting and I needed an answer. I needed to understand why you'd let this violent offender out," Keta said.

Keta is the mother of a victim only identified as Kyla. Kyla was shot in the neck by a Hudson on December 21 at a Sunoco gas station on Livernois and Davison Street.

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"This is a very traumatic thing that happened to her. She's having nightmares. She's very fearful. She has triggers. She was a true innocent bystander," Keta said.

The Wayne County Prosecutor office filed a motion for an emergency bond hearing for Hudson after hearing that he was roaming the streets freely without a tether. In a statement, they said, "considering the seriousness of the case, at the very least a GPS tether is needed and an order for house arrest."

On Friday, a new judge granted Hudson a tether but did not alter his bond.

Judge Patricia Jefferson said it is "procedurally improper" for a judge in the same court to make a ruling on an issue a judge has already ruled on.

The judge explained to the prosecution, "If you disagreed with the setting of that bond, the reduction of that bond, the appropriate recourse would have been to have gone over to the Wayne County Circuit Court right after that decision and ask for a decision regarding that reduction. So, I'm not revisiting that."

Jefferson's decision for the GPS tether is tied to the fact Hudson also has a fleeing and eluding case out of Macomb County.

Wayne County Assistant Prosecutor Maria Miller said, “The court expressed that legally she did not believe she could change bond without new information, or a violation given that another similarly seated judge set the bond. If any violations occur, we will return to court to address bond again."

The victim's mom appeared in court Friday. She said she was upset by the decision.

"I understand that a judge cannot override the prior judge's decision," she said. "But I'm still upset, of course, that he's able to be free after the egregious thing that he did to my child."