Many plan on shopping in-store this Black Friday, experts say

Posted at 8:20 AM, Nov 24, 2022
and last updated 2022-11-24 08:20:00-05

(WXYZ) — For decades, Black Friday has been the traditional kick-off to the holiday shopping season, but all of that has changed in recent years as retailers continue to roll out discounts earlier and earlier.

On top of that, inflation is forcing many families to tighten their budgets.

According to a recent survey by RetailMeNot, roughly 50% of shoppers will buy fewer gifts this year due to the higher prices.

Nonetheless, there are still some good deals ready to roll out tomorrow night. Those deals will mainly be for electronics like TV's, Xbox's, and PlayStations. Home and kitchen appliances may also have good deals for shoppers this year.

"I really want to see if I can get a good deal on some TVs and maybe some little gadgets or whatever for the kids maybe a virtual reality headset or something like that," shopper Shamika Mitchell said.

Some major retailers like Target and Best Buy started their sales in October this year.

"Retailers are coming at it from all angles trying to appeal to those who are shopping for necessities and also trying to appeal to those who might have a little extra room in their budget for that 4k big screen TV," Editor at RetailMeNot Kristin McGrath said.

According to their website, 53% of holiday shoppers will be shopping in-store this year with 55 % shopping on Cyber Monday.

In-store shopping is making a come back according to RetailMeNot with more than 66 million people choosing to shop in-store on Black Friday.

This is a 61% increase from 2020, but still 27% below pre-pandemic levels.