Metro Detroiters looking forward to watching 2024 solar eclipse

Metro Detroiters looking forward to watching 2024 solar eclipse
Posted at 8:36 PM, Apr 07, 2024

(WXYZ) — A total solar eclipse comes around once in a blue moon. Many people don’t want to miss it on Monday.

Metro Detroiters will be able to see 99% of the eclipse.

If you plan on watching, make sure you have a pair of solar eclipse glasses.

“I probably won’t see again, I hope I will, I’ll be 80 by the time it comes back,” said Cheryl Watkins of Oak Park.

Many people came into the Oak Park Public Library on Sunday to grab solar eclipse glasses.

“We’ve had a tremendous response to handing out the solar eclipse glasses,” said Kimberly Schaaf, director of Oak Park Library.

Schaff is with the library. She says they had a little over one thousand pairs of glasses.

By the time the library closed they had handed out all of them.

“We’re just happy to have the opportunity to help people view this very interesting phenomenon,” Schaaf said.

The Oak Park Public Library is one of many local libraries that will be hosting eclipse watch parties.

“It’s very special for the library to be involved in this, it’s a community service and an educational opportunity and a chance to bring everyone together,” Schaaf said.

Schaaf says their watch party is at capacity.

There are plenty of other watch parties happening around metro Detroit on Monday.

Here’s a few happening around the area.

- Select Detroit Public Library locations

- The Detroit Riverfront at Cullen Plaza

- Lawrence Tech University in Southfield

- The Ann Arbor Public Library on Fifth Ave (eclipse glasses will not be provided)

- Redford Public Library on 6 Mile Rd.

Make sure to look up solar eclipse watch parties near you. The next total solar eclipse will happen in 2044.