Metro Detroit's March snow a welcome sight for local ski resorts

Jax Tillman
Posted at 2:35 PM, Mar 10, 2023
and last updated 2023-03-10 17:39:26-05

CLARKSTON — Friday's March snowfall is the perfect type of snow for resorts like Pine Knob Ski & Snowboard Resort.

It's light, powdery, and overdue.

Riley, a young skier on the slopes who had a snowday, told me, "I was really excited because my parents told us we were going to go snow boarding and that’s all I could think about in the morning."

The General Manager at Pine Knob said, "It's been not really all that cold for a Michigan this winter, so it’s been a struggle for the snow making end of keeping the place going."

Kennedy said that just the site of snow in peoples' backyards brings them out.

"It’s kind of like winter just began because we really haven’t seen any natural snow in any of the other months, right?" said Kennedy.

In fact this past December, we visited Mount Holly Ski and Snowboard resort to report on just that ... the lack of winter snow.

Now in March we're getting plenty.

The fact that we're getting this winter weather later in the year aligns with what we learned then from 7 Action News Chief Meteorologist Dave Rexroth.

Our winters are becoming more backloaded.

One snowboarded at Pine Knob, Corbin Laparl told us he took a snowday from work to enjoy the weather.

"If it happens, go get it," said Laparl. "That’s what I did today, the snow was falling so we were like. 'Let’s get together, let’s go!'"

Thanks to this fresh powder, Pine Knob hasn't had to use their snow machine in two weeks.

Business is finally booming.

Snowboarder Sarah Berger said, "Better late than never, it finally happened!"