Michigan generated more than $1.9B in online gambling revenue in 2023

Michigan generated $1.9B in online gambling revenue in 2023
Posted at 10:02 PM, Feb 24, 2024
and last updated 2024-02-24 22:02:30-05

DETROIT, Mich. (WXYZ) — According to new data recently released by the American Gaming Association, Michigan generated nearly $1.9 billion in annual iGaming revenue in 2023.

New Jersey made a similar amount of money when it came to online gambling, Michigan outperformed Jersey by just over $115,000.

 Michigan started allowing online gaming in 2021.

 That’s when Brownstown resident, TJ Webber started placing sports bets on his phone.

 “I turned 21 and it was perfect timing,” said Webber.

When it comes to in-person and online gambling, the American Gaming Association says Michigan ranks number 5 in commercial gambling.

Michigan generated $3.6 billion overall in 2023.

For Detroit’s three casinos, data from the state says they paid Michigan over $99 million in wagering taxes for slots and table games last year.

For TJ Webber, he says he prefers placing his bets online because it’s more convenient.

 “You just sit at your couch and put 50 bucks in and it’s easier than making the way, I know it’s a 25 minute drive for us if we wanted to come,” said Webber.