Mom fights to get vacant building torn down where her son, 2 others found dead

Posted at 6:02 AM, Mar 16, 2023
and last updated 2023-03-16 06:02:31-04

A grieving mother is trying to get the Highland Park building at the center of a triple homicide torn down. It's an update to a case we've been following since January.

Armani Kelly, Dante Wicker and Montoya Givens vanished after a rap performance at a Detroit club was canceled.

Nearly two weeks later, they were found shot and killed inside an abandoned apartment building at McNichols and Log Cabin in Highland Park.

The power is still on at this building, however, there are no official residents that live there, and the last management company to own the building, according to the Wayne County building records, was Ace Investment Group. They tell us they sold the building 13 years ago.

Lori Kemp wants not only justice for her son, Kelly, but she also wants the abandoned apartment building torn down, and will fight tooth and nail to do so.

"That building will be torn down if it is the last thing that I do," he said.

Her son and two other men disappeared after the rap show at a Detroit night club got canceled in February.

Two weeks ago, after their disappearance, their bodies were found inside the building. All three were shot multiple times.

"It is a condemned building and it has squatters and it has electricity why are people still living there and why are people letting them live there?" she asked.

Ace told us they sold the building on Dec. 8, 2018, but wouldn't say to who

"I've been calling the person who owns it. I called the people that supposedly have taken it over but they say they didn't. I've called the assessor's office," Kemp said.

We continued to dig deeper and found Palmer Park Estates listed with the building's address. It said they owe more than $11,000 in utilities, which was due on March 10.

On a separate record, Palmer Park Estates is grouped with Friedman Management Company.

"To me, it holds souls. Souls of people who had no rhyme or reason to be dead. They had their whole life ahead of them," she said.

For now, the owner or manager of the building is still a mystery.

Michigan State Police said the murders are still under investigation and no arrests have been made.