More test results from Huron River samples expected Friday

Posted at 6:11 AM, Aug 05, 2022
and last updated 2022-08-05 06:11:37-04

(WXYZ) — More results are expected today from the investigation into the toxic chemical spill along the Huron River.

On Thursday, 29 samples were taken from the river.

Throughout the week, a total of 11 samples have come back negative for cancer-causing chemical hexavalent chromium, But with all these negative samples the question now becomes—when will it be safe to go back in the water?

"It's a shame because the water park and this beach are usually very busy," Carol Foster a visitor of Kensington Metro Park said.

Kensington Metro Park, Kent Lake, the beach, and the splash pads are all closed due to the spill.

Carol Foster and her grandkids were unaware.

"That is what the plan was. They were going to go to the beach. They were going to go to the playground, and we were going to have a picnic," Foster said.

The Michigan Department of Great Lakes and Energy have continuously tested the waters this week for the cancer-causing compound and while results from these surface samples are encouraging, they say we are not in the clear just yet.

"These are preliminary results and they are just beginning to give us an idea of the story of what's going on with this release and any potential impact on the Huron River," spokesperson for the Michigan Department of Environment, Great lakes, and Energy Jill Greenberg said.

Over in Ann Arbor, residents are worried because 85% of their drinking water comes from the Huron River.

"That's like our river and water keeps getting contaminated," Andrew Caroen a resident of the area said. "I'm worried that everything is going to go business as usual and people are not going to know about it and then there's going to be all this, health problems. It's just like an environmental injustice."

In a statement, Tribar says they take the health and safety of its neighbors and community "very seriously." They add that they are working with the city of Wixom and the state to get the situation under control.