Community leaders hope to see 10,000 vote 'Uncommitted' in Michigan's Democratic primary

Posted at 5:38 PM, Feb 27, 2024

DEARBORN, Mich. (WXYZ) — Following numerous rallies and demonstrations in Dearborn, a strong message has been delivered in the number of votes being cast as “Uncommitted.”

Community leaders tell us they hope to see 10,000 people vote uncommitted in this primary, to send a message to President Biden about the need to stop the war in Gaza.

“We have to vote because our voices make a difference,” One voter told us outside city hall.

From site to site, we heard from some who are opting to also support former President Donald Trump as well.

Another voter telling us, “We’re all against the war. We need to stop the war that’s why.”

Some we talked with today say they are proud to be Arab and Muslim American, and they see a lot at stake on Tuesday. There are also many paying attention to the chance of a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas, which President Biden has suggested could come within days.

“I think it’s just because of the election. He’s not to be trusted. I voted for him before when he was talking about human rights in 2020,” another voter tells us.

Some we talked to who were undecided on supporting Trump or Biden say they would reach a decision after talking at home with family.