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Mathematician creates scientific formula to wake up in good mood

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Posted at 12:09 PM, Aug 01, 2022

A British mathematician believes she has come up with the perfect formula to wake up on the right side of the bed.

Anne-Marie Imafidon says she came up with the formula that will contribute to a positive start in the morning.

Imafidon shares that she was challenged to create the formula by Kellogg's after the company commissioned a study on the subject.

Her formula considers the minutes you spend eating breakfast, exercising, and showering.

It also takes into account how long you sleep, how much time it takes you to get ready, and how far you are from the bed at a certain time.

According to Imafidon, the formula breaks down like this:

  • b - minutes spent eating breakfast
  • e - minutes spent exercising
  • s - minutes spent showering
  • h - hours spent sleeping
  • w - hours difference between the time you get up and 7:12 a.m.
  • c - minutes of unique “getting ready” activities, divided by 2
  • g = 37 (based on the average number of minutes to get ready, identified by the study)

All of it eventually should add up to 37 or more, which is the ideal number of minutes you need for a good start to the day.

She notes that not everyone has the same morning routine, but a combination of different elements is key to keeping us from away from starting the day in a bad mood.