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Experts say be vigilant about fire precautions this winter holiday season

Posted at 11:17 PM, Nov 17, 2022

The winter holiday season can be one of the most dangerous times for house fires, and experts are urging the public to remain cautious.

Jim Smith, a Minnesota fire marshal, said, "Many times, it's a preventable accident that caused this" as he spoke about how fires can start in the home.

Fires can star in many parts of the home, including the kitchen, from a furnace or a space heater.

WCCO reported that just in Minnesota, 35 people died last year in house fires, and over a third of those deaths happened between Thanksgiving and New Years.

Smith says people should always keep a close eye on food while it's cooking. If a grease fire starts, always have the lid to the pot or pan nearby, and gently slide it across the pan to get it to cover the flames before they get too high.

"One of the biggest reasons around fires this time of year is the family and friends that gather." Smith said. "If you're watching what you're cooking on the stove, it's a little more difficult and a little more rare to see a cooking fire."

Experts also say to be sure your fire detectors are in working order, are tested properly and have new batteries.