Farmington Hills man travels to Ukraine to help deliver medical kits

Farmington Hills man travels to Ukraine to help deliver medical kits
Posted at 5:51 PM, Oct 18, 2023

FARMINGTON HILLS, Mich. (WXYZ) — As the world watches the Israel-Hamas war unfold, the war over in Ukraine is heading into its second year.

“Back in February 2022, I thought there's going to be only like for four, five, six months and we'll be done,” said Sasha Tkachenko, Farmington Hills resident. "But we like - we almost - we, we're getting to second year you know.” Tkachenko will be heading to the frontline of war in Ukraine on Friday.

He will be going back to his home country to deliver medical kits to Ukrainian soldiers.

The supplies in the kits are bought with money people have donated to the organization Help Heroes of Ukraine.

“It’s mostly like wound care, scissors, bandage, some tourniquets, some dressings… a burn shield,” said Tkachenko.

Ever since the war started, Tkachenko has volunteered at Help Heroes of Ukraine. He says the number of donations the organization gets goes up and down. This time around, they are delivering 80 bags.

“They all really appreciate it,” said Tkachenko. “We like trying to save lives, helping to save lives.”

Tkachenko says his heart also goes out to the people suffering during the Israel-Hamas war. Tkachenko’s sister lives in Israel right now.

“Every Ukrainian right now, we know what war means,” said Tkachenko. “That's why we are praying for every country.”