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This travel pass is designed with digital nomads in mind

New Nomad Pass from Landing and Frontier
Remote worker
Posted at 4:18 PM, Mar 05, 2024

Under the right circumstances, flying from city to city for as little or as long as you want sounds like a dream. And thanks to remote work, some people can make it their reality.

Companies too are responding to the rise of the digital nomad lifestyle, especially since the start of the pandemic.

In February, two companies teamed up to offer what can only be described as the ultimate digital nomad membership.

Frontier Airlines joined forces with the nationwide flexible apartment network Landing. Together they introduced the Nomad Pass.

How it works

Travelers may be familiar with Frontier's GoWild! Pass which offers an unlimited number of flights while the pass is valid. The Nomad Pass pairs that with Landing's Standby membership, allowing members to move freely across Landing's network of fully furnished apartments in more than 375 cities.

"Our members are already traveling. They're going from city to city," said Landing founder and CEO Bill Smith, "so to give them a way to do that all for one pass, all-inclusive without having to pay for insurance, and furnishings and utilities, all that stuff, we think is a pretty awesome offer."

Smith said members can spend a few months in Colorado, fly to Atlanta, and end the year in Miami. It's ideal for remote workers who can travel, or empty nesters with no kids at home.

Last year, we spoke with Katie Landmark, a Landing member and marketing manager taking advantage of this new living option.

At the time, she had lived in Chicago, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, and St. Petersburg, "I could be here another week. I could be here a month," she said.

The Nomad Pass, which covers living accommodations and airfare, is $1,495 per month. For comparison, the median rent at the start of the year in the U.S. was $1,712, according to

Of course, not everyone can pack up and jet off to the next city whenever they'd like. Even Smith acknowledges the Nomad Pass is not for everyone.

"This pass is for a really specific type of person," he said. "It's someone that wants the ability to move around and live in different cities with complete flexibility and ease."

Information about the Nomad Pass can be found on Landing's website. Click here to learn more.