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US Autopilot investigators ask Tesla for more data on in-car camera

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Posted at 4:29 PM, Aug 19, 2022

Regulators for automobile safety in the United States are asking Tesla to give them more information about its in-car cameras as part of an investigation into the car maker's driver assistance system.

The cameras are inside Tesla's vehicles to monitor driver awareness as part of the company's advanced driver assistance system known as "Autopilot."

U.S. safety regulators are conducting a probe of 830,000 Tesla vehicles and asked the automotive brand to hand over more data on Thursday,Reuters reported.

Bloomberg Law reported that a letter, which was made public by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, asked Tesla multiple questions about the in-vehicle cameras and how exactly they are used to monitor driver awareness.

The questions asked the automaker to "describe the role that the Cabin Camera plays in the enforcement of driver engagement/attentiveness and the manner in which inputs are factored into" the system.