Looking at the NFL Draft stage with just over a week until the event begins

Posted at 5:59 PM, Apr 16, 2024

DETROIT (WXYZ) — Detroit is on the clock! We are taking a look at the NFL Draft stage still under construction with just over a week until the event begins.

Today I got an update from organizers who are putting the final pieces together.

"500 truckloads a day come in we are putting in the production equipment," said Steve Fargo, NFL Director of Event Operations.

Call it a live-action progress report. NFL Director of Event Operation Steve Farago detailed what's left to be done to set the stage for the draft.

"We are in the final stages...everything set?" I asked.

“Yes, we are about a week away, in crunch time. In more than 16 months of planning it has come down to this getting production in, getting ready, and we are on track," said Farago.

The stage is now 220 ft. wide and 74 ft. high, a stunning sight to see especially piece by piece.

"I’ve seen the changes. Definitely making progress from when it started until now," said James Zywica, who works downtown.

"Hi, my name is Jennifer Steffy. It’s just so great to see this in our city,” said Jennifer Steffy, excited for the great progress.

There are also private hospitality structures for hosts and national media, and a place for thousands of fans to occupy the stage area, and yeah, there's an app for that.

"Download NFL one pass and keep track of all events and timing and how to get around," said Forango.

Even if you're not in the know, "all the draft action happening in the city..."

"We didn't even know this was happening until we got down here yesterday," said Kristina Dunn from Traverse City.

Our One Pride is setting this experience apart from the rest.

"Our love for the city... one pride," I said.

"It's been incredible to experience and especially with the Lions coming off the near Superbowl, it’s exciting to be a part of," Farago.

Out of the almost 18 months Steve and his team have been helping coordinate this draft experience in the D, there is one thing no one can plan for weather.

"We can't plan for the weather, so we are hoping for sunshine days," said Farago.

"You work with officials; I will work with Dave Rexroth, and we'll see what we can do. Yes, we appreciate the help," I suggested.