Police say woman was armed, had kids in home before she was killed in officer-involved shooting

Posted at 6:03 AM, Nov 11, 2022
and last updated 2022-11-11 17:52:05-05

DETROIT, MI (WXYZ) — A mental health crisis is believed to be at the center of a barricaded scene that turned deadly on Detroit's west side Thursday.

According to police, officers arrived at the home near Meyers and Midland to try and negotiate with a woman believed to be suffering from a mental health emergency.

Detroit police hold press conference after woman killed in officer-involved shooting

Police say the mother of the woman had called police, saying her daughter was armed with multiple weapons and had assaulted a child in the home.

The mother also reportedly told police that her daughter assaulted her and then pointed a gun at her and her mother who went to the home to check on the children.

Officers arrived on the scene knowing there were children inside the home, according to police.

About 45 minutes in, according to the chief, “she opens the door and says she’s not coming out. They see a gun behind her. She closes the door again.”

Officers reportedly tried to deescalate the situation.

But police say when the woman opened the door again, officers entered and then the woman allegedly went for the gun before a struggle ensued and she was shot and later died from her injuries.

Detroit Police Chief James White says when children are at risk, decisions to protect them are their top priority, but the investigation is still underway.

The children are safe, police say. The grandmother was reportedly able to get the children out of the house.

Police say they are reviewing many different components of what unfolded.

This incident comes just a little more than a month after Detroit police shot and killed Porter Burks also during a mental health call.

His family is now suing the city and five officers for $50 million.

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Body cam video shows that Burks had a knife. When he moved toward officers with it, he was shot 19 times.

As for this case, Chief White says he’ll be speaking with witnesses and reviewing the officer’s body camera footage to decide next steps.

“I know what our policies are and I certainly believe that they followed them but I have to know that and I have to look at video and everything else to make a final determination,” Chief White said.

Chief White says they’ll also look at ring doorbell camera to help them piece together exactly what happened here.