Police looking for suspect who opened fire at Michigan Collegiate High School

Posted at 6:09 AM, Jun 06, 2023
and last updated 2023-06-06 09:05:49-04

WARREN, MI (WXYZ) — An after-school fight turned into a shooting at Michigan Collegiate High School Monday afternoon, police say. At least six shots rang out as dozens of students sat nearby.

"It's just like whoa! How does this happen? Because I've never been in a shooting. Never been where I feel like I had to go save my kids at school. It was always a safe place," parent Lucreshia Shaw said.

Shaw has 2 students at the Warren high school. This morning she is thankful they were unharmed.

"We're extremely lucky as I said. There was at least three busloads of students right there and six shots fired within a couple feet of the buses," she said.

Warren police confirmed that the shooting stemmed from a fight between two students earlier in the school day. They were both suspended but decided to meet back up to fight after the bell rang around 2:30. One person called additional people and someone who is not a student at the high school fired multiple times into the air as the fight progressed. No students were hit.

"They had prom last Friday. I think the last day of school for seniors is tomorrow. Like who would be up there doing that and why," Shaw said.

Right now, police are searching for the gunman who they believe left the scene in an early 2000s model red Impala or a Blue Ford Focus.

"I'm just thankful everybody is okay and hopefully they caught them," Shaw said.

Investigators are now reviewing footage from buses and nearby businesses to track the suspects down.