Detroit Rapper Trick Trick shares life lessons, rare glimpse in studio, and how he's giving back

Posted at 6:37 PM, May 25, 2023
and last updated 2023-05-25 18:37:02-04

DETROIT (WXYZ) — These days a special jam session by legendary Detroit hip hop artist Trick Trick is serving a greater purpose.

The energy is palpable. Witnessing a Detroit Hip Hop music legend at work... priceless. The purpose now much greater than your radio station or streaming device.

“When it comes to children, like I say I've been there. I know what you are thinking, been to the worst end of it. I made it through something. I have an advantage over that problem because I made it through that. Lemme tell you how to or when someone can't protect themselves because I'm a protector then I’m gonna use my ability to protect and serve humanity, serve a powerful purpose, serve my purpose,” said Trick Trick.

We got an exclusive tour of what has transformed from Trick Trick's new studio to the hub of the Christian Anthony Foundation where future music geniuses learn what positivity sounds like and what some notes of faith feel like.

“We have some artists that come in and help people learn how to write and I teach how to write,” said Trick Trick. “We birth the next generation of Berry Gordy's and L.A. Reid’s and Clive Davis’. Motown started on the Blvd., one house... and it expanded.”

The Christian Anthony Foundation connects Trick Trick with the kids.

“We named the school the "Michelle Mathis School of Entertainment. My mother was a jazz singer, she sang jazz and blues, and my grandfather Sylvester Michael is a singer as well. Sister sung, brother a movie star. Mama, she gave it to us in honor of her that's why. When you come in you see the pic of her on the wall... she always prayed for her babies,” said Trick Trick.

Christian Anthony’s purpose, to get young people into a groove that can have a positive impact on the rhythm of their life. There was a time for Trick that negativity almost caused an end to his.

“I went through some things as a young man... from depression and gang violence and drugs. Caught up in the war on drugs separation of my parents being a young teenage boy,” said Trick Trick. “There was a point in time I tried to end it. So, I know to the extent, how far that pain goes. All the way to the end, I failed because I was discovered. So, my attempt failed because I was discovered, I was found,” said Trick Trick.

A career in topping the charts has evolved into getting to the bottom of what's happening in the streets.

“When you see something like Crime Stoppers effort, and we see you on the street in this call to action. That moves you, that moves us and inspires other people. I try not to act on emotions but sometimes emotions get so powerful,” said Trick Trick. “You have to think before you do things, but you still let that drive that feeling that spirit, move you to help solve the problem.”

WXYZ’s Glenda Lewis said, “We know how community works, they heard you, they respond to you. People say anything we know that that's pretty powerful influence.”

“Best people is Snoop Dog, he genuinely just cares not selfish at all. Don’t have to ask Snoop for nothing. One of my other people is Flava Flav.

With that, in walks the groundbreaker and history maker for a flow of support. Flava Flav showed up during the interview and sure was a special treat for us.

“If I'm going to be here, I'm going to be of service to life,” said Trick Trick. “You gotta help those who can't help themself.”