Prison phone calls, more interrogation tapes highlight day 4 of Jaylin Brazier murder trial

Posted at 7:18 PM, May 10, 2024
and last updated 2024-05-11 00:09:17-04

DETROIT (WXYZ) — During Friday's witness testimony in Jaylin Brazier's murder trial in the death of Zion Foster, the prosecution played recorded phone conversations between Brazier and his ex-fiance, Katrina Smith, while he was incarcerated.

Two more interrogation tapes were also played.

In an interrogation on Jan. 20, 2022, Brazier claimed he and Foster did LSD and smoked marijuana the night of her disappearance. He said she must have had a bad reaction to it.

Then in another interrogation in October 2022, he said he had lied about the LSD and that they'd only smoked marijuana.

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“I did not kill her. I did not physically do anything to her," Brazier said during the Jan. 20 interrogation.

Detroit police Lt. Robert Lalone replied, "Ok. Maybe you didn’t intentionally, but what happened?”

On the Jan. 19, 2022, Brazier had been questioned by two other investigators and took them to the dumpster in Highland Park where he said placed Foster's body.

jaylin brazier interrogation

Lalone said, “I mean, she could have still been breathing when you put her in the dumpster. You realize that, right?”

The lieutenant told Brazier that other than a bad reaction to the marijuana or alleged LSD, his theory is that something else happened in Brazier’s home that night. Brazier, who had previously been questioned about a scratch on his neck and blamed his cat, insisted nothing else occurred between him and Foster.

Lalone said, “My problem is if we find her and we find trauma — I mean strangulation or something — then you’re screwed. I want to get on the front end of it.”

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Confession tape played in Zion Foster murder trial

During cross-examination, defense attorney Brian Brown questioned the lieutenant's theory.

"You agree that some of these theories — not all these theories — were not supported by evidence?" Brown said.

Lalone replied, "Without having the physical body, we really don’t have the evidence to support my theories. No.”

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Jaylin Brazier murder trial underway

The prosecution played a prison phone call between Brazier and his Smith, in which she can be heard saying "deny everything."

“... A detective called her that's new on the case that's going around asking, calling people asking them what they know about the case. So, if anybody come to you deny, deny everything," Smith said during the Oct. 1, 2022 phone call.

The prosecution hopes to rest its case early next.