'It’s just stunning': Public explores Michigan Central Station as tour begin

After the first 10 days of public tours, they'll resume on Fridays and Saturdays starting June 21 through August
Michigan Central Station tours
Posted at 8:46 PM, Jun 07, 2024

DETROIT (WXYZ) — Michigan Central Station officially reopened its doors to the public on Friday. For the first time in nearly four decades, people will be able to take in all its glory.

Friday marked the first of 10 days of public tours for the rehabilitated facility.

Michigan Central Station tour

Six years of restoration work by Ford Motor Co. made all of the stunning beauty possible. The history is tangible, and the result are a bit unbelievable. More than 120 years of history was brought back to life in Detroit.

“Stunning… I can’t say enough. Just beautiful,” said an awe-struck Rita Martuscelli, who visited Michigan Central station growing up.

michigan central station tour
Rita Martuscelli on June 7, 2024.

According to her best friends Pat Langs and Gloria Nastas, the dynamic three grew up coming to the station in the 60s and 70s. Lang and Nastas’ aunt worked at Michigan Central.

“So, we got to come down here to work with her and they had the big desks and they had writing trays that pulled out. So, we could color and draw and do whatever while they were working. We just have memories of the building and it’s so nice to see it restored to its glory,” Nastas said.

Michigan Central Station tour

Many shared similar experiences and emotions.

Marisa Bradley was instrumental in making this day happen and gave 7 News Detroit a tour of the first floor of the station’s exhibits.

“We created a 100-foot timeline basically that tells the story of Detroit but through the lens of the station,” said Bradley, the director of special projects at Ford.

VIDEO: Take a look inside Michigan Central Station

'I think it shows glory.' The journey to Michigan Central's grand restoration reveal

She showed us what used to be the historic reading room.

“What we did in here was bring 21 different stories to life of people who had some connection to the station,” Bradley said.

michigan central station tour

Throughout the tour, we learned that Ford kept as much of the original station as possible.

“We discovered this secret station as we were working through the renovations,” Bradley said. “We were able to keep some of the pieces of the graffiti wall."

Screenshot 2024-06-07 at 8.40.57 PM.png
Marisa Bradley, the director of special projects at Ford. (June 7, 2024)

Detroit’s pop culture comes alive in a poster room in the building.

There’s also an artificial intelligence art exhibit and a kid’s station.

Michigan Central Station tour

Bradley said the main floor will always be open to the public and will likely play home to retail stores and live music one day.

There will also be office spaces.

“And then ultimately, there will be a hotel on the top floors,” Bradley said.

VIDEO: Thousands pack Michigan Central Station's reopening concert with hometown legends

Thousands pack Michigan Central Station's reopening concert with hometown legends

“It’s just stunning. It’s just stunning and I’m so hopeful for Detroit. I’m a Detroit girl — born and bred and very proud,” Langs said.

If you would like to tour the station, people will be able to walk through every weekend this summer starting June 21.

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