Dad talks about recovery of missing twin daughters thanks to strangers in Nebraska, Allen Park Police

Posted at 6:45 PM, Apr 11, 2024

DETROIT (WXYZ) — It had been a month of sleepless nights and endless worry about his missing 14-year-old twins.

"It's like nothing you can do," said George Ogden. "It's a real scary feeling."

Then came the phone call the Detroit dad had been anxiously waiting for. Ogden's two daughters had been found thanks to two complete strangers all the way in Nebraska.

Ogden called them "pure angels" and said it was God who allowed all of the pieces to fall into place.

"I really appreciate them," Ogden said. "It's not a lot of people that would think as fast as they did."

Allen Park Police had located his girls at a motel with a man in his thirties. He was placed under arrest and charged with harboring runaway juveniles and credit card fraud.

In a story 7 Action News reporter Faraz Javed reported on Wednesday, the case began to unravel when Abigale McQuain, a teen in Omaha, received a text from her bank that her debit card had been used at a motel in Allen Park.

See Faraz's report from Wednesday:

Missing teens found in Allen Park after Nebraska woman reports stolen debit card

Abigale's mom, Megan McQuain, contacted police and the motel about the theft charges and Allen Park Police quickly responded to the motel where one of the responding officers recognized the missing teens from police notifications to be on the lookout for them.

See the police bodycam video from the hotel:

Bodycam video shows moments when officers find runaway teens at Allen Park hotel

"I really appreciate the family for their quick thinking and actions and also Allen Park police. Everybody was quick on their feet and we need more of that these days," said Ogden.

Ogden said his family is taking things one day at a time as a family. "I'm just thankful I got my kids back. They safe. I know where they are and they're not in out here in the streets in harm's way."

In addition to the investigation by Allen Park Police, Detroit Police Major Crimes division is also continuing to investigate the case that originated in their city.

When Ogden's twin daughters were missing, he said he often thought of another missing teen, 13-year-old Na'Ziyah Harris.

"I pray for her family and her as well," he said. "It's too much that's going on these days. And it's sad and it's heartbreaking. These kids don't know when they get out here, what's waiting for them."

The search continues for Na'Ziyah. Anyone with information on her whereabouts is urged to call Detroit Police at 313-596-2260 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-SPEAK-UP.