Family searching for Detroit man's body after apparent shooting death

Posted at 5:40 PM, Jan 30, 2024
and last updated 2024-01-30 18:45:52-05

DETROIT (WXYZ) — The mother of Jermaine Fairley told 7 Action News, according to his friends, someone shot and killed him on Saturday. Now, his body is unaccounted for.

“I called all the hospitals. He wasn’t there. So, then I thought the worst that maybe he’s at the morgue. I called the morgue. He was not there. So now, we just got a missing body," Tamika Fairley, Jermaine's mother said.

She said she last talked to her son on Friday. He let her know he would be attending a funeral and repast on Saturday. It was on Saturday that she said she took another phone call.

This time, she learned her son had been shot at the repast. Tamika Fairley said she was told he'd been standing outside near Linwood and Wildemere with a group of friends.

“They said it was a fight amongst family members, two brothers from what I’m hearing. And I don’t know who, somebody tried to break up the fight," Tamika Fairley said.

"They broke it up. They got mad at my son, called him out his name a few times and the next thing you know, they said the guy just up and shot him in the back of the head," she continued.

Tamika Fairley wasn’t there, but she said according to her son’s friends, no one called 911. Instead, someone drove off with his body in his vehicle.

Jermaine's vehicle was found burning near West Grand Boulevard and Milford that same day.

“But his body wasn’t in there,” Tamika Fairley said.

There was no sign of 28-year-old Jermaine Fairley nor his phone, which had been shut off.

After she learned of the shooting, Tamika Fairley said she called Detroit police to the scene. Jermaine Fairley's blood was still on the ground, and police had brought a K-9.

But so far, there's no movement on the case as loved ones seek justice for Jermaine and closure for five children missing their father.

"At this point, we’re just asking everybody to keep their eyes open," she said.

"If you ride past a field and got time, just look. Look in the field. Look in the bushes (and) abandoned buildings if you got time to look. We're just trying to find him and bring him home," Tamika Fairley requested.

Detroit police told 7 Action News they have not found a person who was shot, but their Major Crimes Division is investigating. If you have any information you can call DPD or Crime Stoppers at 1800 SPEAK UP.