Man linked to fentanyl trafficking in custody after DPD incident, other suspects sought

Posted at 11:11 PM, Mar 13, 2023
and last updated 2023-03-13 23:11:54-04

DETROIT (WXYZ) — Detroit Police are on the hunt for at least one suspect who fled a shooting scene earlier today in a brown Yukon.

Police were able to stop a second car, but the driver allegedly shot at officers. Officers shot back and that suspect was injured and taken to the hospital.

Detroit Police Chief James White tells us the injured suspect is wanted on fentanyl trafficking charges in Kansas City.

Police say when he crashed his car at the intersection and started shooting officers had no choice but to shoot back.

"The officers made the right decision to go for the vehicle that was speeding," said White.

According to White, two of his officers were patrolling near 7 Mile and noticed two cars involved in what seemed a road rage fight.

"The vehicles start shooting at each other," said White.

White says a suspect in a brown Yukon with no plates got away. Officers chased the second suspect who was driving a white Expedition.

DPD says he crashed at the intersection of 7 Mile road and Sherwood, hitting another car.

When officers approached White says they got shot at.

"The officers take cover, return fire striking the suspect once - we believe. We are looking at whether the suspect was actually struck in the shootout earlier," said White.

The officers were not hurt according to White.

This comes just three days after a Michigan State trooper and sergeant were shot while assisting DPD with an investigation.

"Now, it's Monday and we got another officer, thank goodness was not shot but shot at, the violence, the gun violence and in our community and in our country, quite frankly, enough is enough," said White.

The white Expedition displayed New York plates.

White says there was a warrant out for the driver's arrest in connection to drug trafficking in Kansas City.

As of now, he's in an area hospital listed in temporary serious condition.

"We are looking for one car, unknown on number of suspects right now and we may be looking for an additional suspect from the Expedition. The white Expedition that cracked up, our officers, we think we have multiple occupants," said White.

Chief White says they are pulling footage from Greenlight cameras and looking through body cam to hopefully pin down how many people were involved in this shooting.

He says there's a lot of evidence to look through especially in the White Expedition.