Rage Room trend picks up as Metro Detroiters want to blow off some steam

Michigan opened up it's first Rage Room five years ago
Rage Rooms
Posted at 2:40 PM, Jan 09, 2022
and last updated 2022-01-10 07:24:51-05

(WXYZ) — Chris Berry works as a security specialist in Detroit. Even with a super demanding job, the 30-year-old manages to stay calm most days thanks to his belief in a critical philosophy.

"Don’t take your problems from home to work and vice versa," says Chris Berry, a rage room customer.

That’s why to blow off steam, Berry rocks up to Escape Room Zone in Madison Height twice a month.

In their rage room experience, Chris gears up in a protective suit, lays his selection of items, grabs his weapon of choice, and then... smash!

"The real me coming out, just start smashing everything, breaking stuff, throw it, till it powderise into dust essentially," says the rage room customer.

The Escape Room Zone Manager Kerri Kazz says the concept, which was first introduced to Michigan five years ago, continues to be a hit as it attracts various people.

"Couples, their marriages, their relationships saved in here cause they work out their stress and anxiety with each other. Trauma, I see a lot of trauma come through the doors. The number one thing we hear coming out is, I didn’t know I needed that," says Kazz.

A Licensed consular, Kelly Houseman, says rage rooms have therapeutic effects for some as it helps to express anger in a healthy way.

"The past two years have been really stressful and heavy for everyone. If you can have a fun night out and get some of that emotion out, it’s a good thing for anyone," says Houseman from Kelly Houseman Counseling.

As for the smashable items, Kazz has a dedicated team working round the clock to source the collection.

"Printers seem to be a big hit, probably because of the movie office space, I would say TVs, we get all ranges, or TVs and laptops seem to fly off the shelves pretty quickly," says the Escape Room Zone manager.

Some like to de-stress by having a cheat meal or diving into an intense workout, but for Chris, it's all about swinging a baseball bat.

"It has allowed me to see things in a much brighter light or a colorful world," says Berry.

"I’m always all about anything that can kind of express your emotions, whether it's in a therapy session or in a rage room. Getting it out in a healthy way is the best bet," says Houseman.

Also, Houseman says rage rooms are not a replacement for therapy, and one should still seek professional help if fun experiences don't assist in destressing.