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Chesterfield group starts 'Predelodeon' channel and catches two alleged child predators in two days

Posted at 6:11 PM, May 20, 2024

CHESTERFIELD TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WXYZ) — A team of four Chesterfield men in their mid-20s tells 7 News Detroit they're on a mission to get as many child predators off the street as possible, and they're off to a disturbingly strong start.

Over the weekend, the team that calls themselves "Predelodeon" baited and turned into police two different alleged child predators.

Daniel Tribble from Chesterfield says he started the group this past Saturday after, "I woke up with the idea and I was like ‘let’s do it’ and my friends were like ‘yeah why not.'"

Tribble says their group started a profile on dating sites, "We use my brother’s pictures from when he was like 15 and we just fake guys out, make them think we’re like 15 years old."

Tribble says they started their mission on Saturday, and by that evening they had baited their first alleged predator to Tribble's trailer park.

It was there that police arrested the suspect.

On Sunday they baited yet another suspect, this time to a Chesterfield Walmart.

He was arrested by police as well.

Chesterfield police records confirm both arrests happened, when I reached out to their team I was told they "do not condone vigilantes."

In the past police departments in other cities have warned against vigilantes targeting predators, due to potential dangers and legal challenges.

Tribble says he's not shocked that they were able to bait two predators in two days, "People should really start paying attention to the list because there’s way more than you think in the area."

At the end of our interview, he told us he was "probably going to go find a third one."