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More drivers come forward to report buying bad gas at Macomb County station

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Posted at 4:26 PM, Jan 19, 2023
and last updated 2023-01-19 18:26:16-05

ROMEO, Mich. (WXYZ0 — We alerted you and the state over the weekend to a gas station in Romeo selling bad gas. The Department of Agriculture came out and found water in the station’s storage tank and put a stop to sales of that tainted gasoline.

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The gas station we’re talking about is the PitStop Shell station at 32 Mile and Main Street in Romeo.

The state credits us for helping save many motorists from bad gas and they want people to help them protect others in the future.

Jennifer Holton is the Communications Director at the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development or MDARD. They’re the agency responsible for making sure you’re getting the gas you pay for at the pump.

“The station is in the process of having repairs completed to its sump area of its regular storage tank," Holton says. “MDARD does not have a timeline yet for when the station will have those repairs completed. But in the interim, until those repairs are done, and we’ve been able to go out and sample and do an inspection, those two regular and mid-grade pumps will remain closed for sale.”

I tried to get more information at the station Thursday but was once again told to get off the property.

Jennifer Holton told me they had not received a single formal complaint before our first report but."

“Since the story aired, we have actually had six official complaints come into our office. We’re monitoring the situation. We appreciate you bringing it to our attention so we could get out there and make sure people are getting what they’re paying for at the pump.”

I asked her if our report saved a bunch of people engine troubles and money.

“I mean absolutely I think there was a potential for us to have prevented potential damage to people’s vehicles,” Holton says.

Holton says they inspect stations on rotation but need the public’s help when there’s a problem.

“Flagging things for us, if there’s issues, that’s why we have these numbers, it’s why we have emails for people to reach out. We might not have known if there was an issue here at this station if folks like you hadn’t let us know,” she says.

To file a report with the Department of Agriculture, you can go to the MDARD website or the 800 number 1-800-MDA-FUEL.