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Stislicki case in jeopardy? Judge rules much of the evidence against Galloway is tainted

Oakland County Circuit Court judge says much of the evidence in Floyd Galloway Junior’s case was obtained illegally
Posted at 6:33 PM, Nov 17, 2022

(WXYZ) — There’s a major shake-up in the case of Floyd Galloway Jr., the man accused of killing Danielle Stislicki. Oakland County Circuit Judge Phyllis McMillen called much of the evidence in the case into question, saying it was based on privileged material.

This means much of the evidence will likely no longer be usable in court.

In simple terms, police used confidential information to get a search warrant. That information violated attorney-client privilege.

So how did that information get to law enforcement and ultimately, prosecutors? According to the ruling, Troy Police Chief Gary Mayer shared information he got from the defense’s own polygraph examiner with the Farmington Hills Police Chief, Charles Nebus. This information was then used to get the warrant to search the defendant’s home.

In her ruling, Judge McMillen says, “The Court finds the actions of the government were outrageous.”

The ruling alleges law enforcement and the Attorney General’s office were made aware of the existence of the privileged evidence, but still proceeded ahead with the case anyway.

Judge McMillen did not dismiss the case outright but is asking the Attorney General’s office to show what evidence left behind hasn’t been tainted. The court will then determine if it’s still enough for probable cause.

The Attorney General’s office responded to a request for comment saying: “The Department of Attorney General is reviewing the order from the court. The Department is confident in the strength of its case and is committed to securing justice for Danielle.”