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Drivers frustrated over massive potholes on Haggerty between Ecorse and Van Born

Drivers frustrated over massive potholes on Haggerty between Ecorse and Van Born
Posted at 6:22 PM, Jan 25, 2024
and last updated 2024-01-25 19:07:38-05

VAN BUREN TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WXYZ) — There are massive potholes on Haggerty Road between Ecorse and Van Born in Van Buren Township. People who work in this area say they are fed up with having to deal with the potholes every day.

“Holes, some of them 6, 9 inches deep, and they’re everywhere. It's not like you can bypass them,” Deborah Woolford said.

Woolford drives down the bumpy stretch of Haggerty to get to work.

On Thursday morning, she noticed damage to the front of her car.

“It’s my only vehicle to get to work. Now I’m out money because the roads are like this,” Woolford added.

Drivers also face flooding at the intersection of Haggerty and Van Born.

“It’s like we’re off-roading. I drive a 2018 Kia Forte. It’s not built for this,” Samantha Bremmer said.

Bremmer’s job is also on Haggerty. She says dodging the potholes has gotten harder ever since the road was reduced to one lane due to construction.

“We used to have to drive in the other lane to avoid the potholes. Now we have no option but to go through them,” Bremmer said.

Bremmer and her coworker, Drew Gleneski, say they called Wayne County on Wednesday to see when the potholes could be fixed, but they haven’t gotten answers.

“Right now, the state, the county, they are making us choose: do we go into work, or do we not go into work,” Gleneski said. “It’s not fair to us to put our livelihood on the line because they don’t know how to fix the damn road.”

As for Deborah Woolford, she has a message for Wayne County officials.

“Fix the road,” Woolford added.

7 Action News reached out to Wayne County. They released the following statement from Kimberly Harry, interim director of communications:

Haggerty Road between Ecorse and Van Born is currently undergoing reconstruction, and we understand the challenges posed by fluctuating temperatures leading to increased potholes in the construction zone. As this section of road is actively being worked on, it's our priority to address these issues promptly and ensure safe traffic conditions. We're actively collaborating with our contractor to guarantee a safe passage through the construction zone.