Repair timeline for massive water main break to be extended beyond Sept. 3

Posted at 10:53 AM, Aug 29, 2022
and last updated 2022-08-29 18:29:20-04

(WXYZ) — The Great Lakes Water Authority said the repair timeline on the massive 120-inch water main break will be extended. It comes amid a delay in the arrival of a replacement pipe.

According to the GLWA, the 16-foot segment of the additional 48-foot pipe was sent back to the manufacturer last week after a mistake. The updated piece was delivered on Sunday.

The authority has been saying the main would be fixed by Sept. 3, but the timeline will now be extended beyond Sept. 3.

Crews are still waiting for an additional piece of pipe that is in transit and expected to be delivered on Monday, with the remaining piece shipping today and expected to arrive in the next one or two days.

Once all segments of the pipe are delivered, the GLWA said it will begin repairs.

“As soon as all the pipe is received on-site our crews will reassess the timeline and provide an update on the completion of repairs, including the steps we need to place the transmission main back into service. I want to thank our member partners and the residents of those communities that have limited their outdoor water usage. It has certainly assisted us in maintaining stable system pressures and operations," GLWA CEO Suzanna R. Coffey said.

That means outdoor water restrictions remain in place for nearly two dozen communities.

The boil water advisories have been lifted, but the watering restriction is important so that the water pressure doesn't fall too low in a number of communities.

That includes the eastern part of Rochester, and Shelby and Washington townships.

According to Rochester Fire Chief John Cieslik, if everyone turned down their sprinklers and everyone took a shower, "the water pressure could drop back down to dangerous levels."

As for what caused the massive main break, an engineering firm is still trying to figure that out by doing forensic analysis.