Royal Oak family shares video of "fireball" running along their electrical lines Friday & Saturday

Posted at 10:16 PM, Mar 05, 2023
and last updated 2023-03-05 22:16:41-05

ROYAL OAK — It all started Friday during the snow storm.

Brad MacDonald of Royal Oak told 7 Action News that there was a small "fireball" that ran along the electrical lines behind their house then the power went out.

A video of that "fireball" can be seen above, it was taken by Sebastian Nolte.

MacDonald and neighbors had their power turned back on around 3 p.m. Saturday then around 6:20 p.m. there were three more "fireballs," this time they were larger.

MacDonald captured it on video while watching with his wife and their baby who was scared.

Video of the Saturday "fireball" can be seen above.

"The fireball was more powerful so whatever they did just made the fireball angrier," said MacDonald. "So we kind of like collected our breath and were wondering will it happen again? Will it hit a transformer over there and cause an explosion?

After Saturday's "fireball" the neighbors lost power again until Sunday night.

Thankfully no one was hurt.

In a press conference Sunday morning DTE Electric President Trevor Lauer said severe weather events back-to-back appear to be the new normal and we need to adjust.

"We have one of the largest electric grids and one of the oldest," said Lauer. "I use the analogy of roads all the time, we need to rebuild it and we need to invest in it."

Many customers at this time seem to be more concerned with prevention.

"It seems like there’s no proactive maintenance and it’s all reactive maintenance," said MacDonald. "We're all at the mercy of DTE."