Searching for the killer: Nataja Boleware's Family Continues To Fight To Find Out Who Her Killer Is

Posted at 10:25 PM, Nov 06, 2022
and last updated 2022-11-06 22:25:08-05

DETROIT — When asked what kind of person her granddaughter was, Nataja Boleware's grandma chose a story over an adjective.

She told 7 Action News about a time she driving with a then very young Nataja; "and she saw a man getting pulled out of the garbage, she said ‘Grandma, pull over!' She gave the man her food, that’s the type of person she was, if she could help you she would, and she was helping a friend when this happened."

Nataja was 7 then, she would be 19 today.

On September 20th Nataja was helping a friend on Detroit's Eastside by Lodewyck Street and East Warren Avenue.

The two were in a vehicle when another car, a Chrysler 300, pulled up next to them.

Someone in the Chrysler opened fire on the vehicle shooting Nataja seven times and killing her.

Who? That's still a mystery and why loved ones of Nataja gathered by the area she was shot on Sunday for a protest march.

A past co-worker of Nataja lead the crowd at the , "Speak out! Say something, somebody saw something, somebody heard something, somebody knows what happened to Nataja."

Nataja's cousin told 7 Action News, "We just want answers, we want the person that did it."

Another loved one said, "We should not have to live in fear! She was just sitting in her car! She was sitting in her car on this very street!"

Family says they are offering a cash reward for anyone who has information about Nataja's murder.

If you would like to help the cash reward is funded by this GoFundMe.

Nataja's mother said that her daughter planned to pursue nursing to use her life helping others. She hopes someone comes forward now to help them.

"I ask God to forgive the person who did this and I ask God to bring him to justice as well," said Nataja's mother.