Southfield hosts Walk to Raise Awareness of Domestic Violence

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Posted at 1:11 PM, Oct 02, 2022
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SOUTHFIELD, Mich. (WXYZ) — “I am a survivor of domestic violence,” said Margaret Hall, founder of Southfield Domestic Violence Group.

It’s one of the reasons Margaret Hall showed up at the Southfield Civic Center Sunday for the 3rd Walk to Raise Awareness of Domestic Violence.

“I didn’t look like the person who has experienced domestic violence. I was college educated, I was married with two children. I had what some people call the perfect life,” Hall said of being a survivor of domestic violence.

But, her life was anything but perfect, she says.

“I knew that we had to get out if we were going to live. And, I had to one day call the police,” Hall said.

Now, Southfield police know her by name as a partner in advocacy work. Motivated by her own journey, in 2007, Hall founded the Southfield Domestic Violence Group, one of the walk’s partners.

“At least five times a week, sometimes more, multiple times during the day, there are domestic violence calls for service,” said Elvin Barrin, Chief of Southfield Police Department.

This is an issue Southfield police want you to think about through the month of October. In addition, the Southfield Police Department is raising awareness for breast cancer and they’ve chosen to wrap one of their squad cars in purple to show their support. This is a color that signifies domestic violence awareness.

Between September 2020 and 2021, Haven, an Oakland County-based non-profit that helps domestic violence and sexual assault survivors in Oakland County, received around 3500 calls pertaining to domestic violence.

Within the last year, they received just under 3200.

A sign, CEO Christine Kinal hopes, they’re putting a dent in this problem and getting people the help they need.

“What we’ve seen a large increase in, is virtual services,” said Christine Kinal, CEO of Haven.

Something she says is helping them reach more people. Haven also has a shelter for survivors of domestic violence.

This year alone it’s helped 155 families turn a new page.

“We are here, and we have these resources to get them to autonomy and get them to safety,” Kinal said.

Hall lost her home, went back to school, and essentially had to start over. Which she did, not just for her, but for her kids. Now, she’s helping others do the same thing.

“I would put a plan together, and know that you’re going to make it out. And if you don’t, you may not live to tell it,” said Hall.

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