State of Michigan plans 6 new EV charging stations in metro Detroit; goal to add more

EV charging stations
Posted at 5:48 AM, Mar 01, 2024

For years now, federal and state leaders have been pushing for a switch from gasoline-powered cars to electric vehicles.

The market has been filled with hesitant consumers who are worried about where to charge up. Now, some federal funding would change that.

Nearly $23 million in federal funding is going toward building 41 new charging stations across Michigan this year, and that includes six in metro Detroit.

Steve Wieczorek bought an EV in December, and drives it from his home in Howell to work in Southfield.

“People who drive EVs have to do just a little bit more planning," he said.

That's because of a lack of charging stations.

“Do you think there needs to be more charging stations in the state?” I asked.

“Oh yeah for sure, for sure. If I was to look at the map right now, I mean aside from the charger I am plugged in here at work, in about a fivemile radius, you might see one public charging station.”

The good news is more charging stations are coming.

In metro Detroit, they're planning stations off of I-75 and Warren Ave. in Detroit, at I-75 and joslyn in Auburn Hills, and one off of I-96 and Grand River in Brighton.

Other locations in our area will be in Luna Pier, Port Huron and Newport.

Michigan isn't the only state building new charging stations. Money from the infrastructure law is going to other states as well.

The hope is that no matter where you go in the U.S., you'll have access to a fast charger within about 50 miles, according to Zachary Kolodin, the chief infrastructure officer for the state.

He said the stations will be DC Fast-Charging Nodes, with at least four chargers at each station.

"It should really help eliminate range anxiety within the State of Michigan," he said. No more concern that you wont be able to find a charging station on one of your long trips.”

It's part of a five-year plan to create not just these 41 stations, but more in the years to come. $110 million in all is going toward building more stations across the state.

"The more the better. I mean I’d like to see them as common as regular gas stations," Wieczorek said.

The goal is to build enough EV charging stations along our freeways and eventually move into more communities.