How stocking up on some groceries during Thanksgiving season can save you money

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Posted at 1:29 PM, Nov 23, 2022
and last updated 2022-11-23 17:57:05-05

DETROIT (WXYZ) — When you talk about Thanksgiving dinner, you can see people light up at the thought of making their favorite dishes with family.

“Ham, thighs. Tater salad. The whole nine yards,” said Willie Brown, Sav More shopper.

"All her grandkids, once they find out we have the fried corn, it’s on," said another Sav More shopper.

"The fresh made, homemade Max special macaroni," said Max Austin-Jackson, 10-year-old macaroni aficionado.

When asked what's the Max special macaroni?

"You just gotta add a little (seasoning)," Max replied in his best Salt Bae impression.

But folks aren’t feeling so grateful for inflation.

7 Action News' Kim Russell asked another shopper, "How are you beating inflation this Thanksgiving?"

"Oh it is rough," said Kim Williams-Day, Sav More shopper.

The numbers back up that feeling.

The Farm Bureau says on average the cost of typical Thanksgiving dinner items is up 20%.

“The cost of everything has all gone up,” said Vincent Kejbou, Sav More Manager.

Vincent Kejbou sees the trend as his family pays to stock shelves at the Sav More Grocery store on Gratiot in Detroit.

Kejbou says Thanksgiving is an opportunity to also beat inflation by buying in bulk.

We are all creatures of habit. If you are used to buying a can of green beans in a smaller size, you will pay more. A 15 ounce can of green beans will cost you 13 cents an ounce, but a 100 ounce can costs 6 cents an ounce.

Buying in bulk may save you more in the long run.

"You can buy chicken by the case. Just ask for a price," said Kejbou.

Plus, grocery stores are selling certain items at giveaway level prices — below the grocery store’s cost.

And there are ways to identify such deals.

For example, some stores have a one turkey limit that each shopper can purchase. The reason? They are selling them at cost to get you in the door. So, if you see deal, you might want to buy it, even if you already have one because you can keep it in the freezer for use later.

"During the holidays everything is lower to make sure everybody can feed their family. It isn’t even about bringing people in. It is about making sure people can afford Thanksgiving," said Kejbou.

"Like this, it is 39 cents a pound," said Shirley Usher, Sav More shopper.

Shirley Usher came to Sav More for yams and hit other stores for other Thanksgiving sales.

Her daughter is thankful to be spending quality time with her mom. Although, she would rather not shop at so many places to beat inflation.

Sav More Shopper.jpg

"Let’s not go to 15 places, but she is going to get what she wants and what she needs," said Usher's daughter and Sav More shopper.

It is a technique that can work.

For example stuffing, yams, and pasta cost less at Sav More.

Turkey and russet potatoes cost less at the Meijer at 8 Mile and Woodward.

"What can they do to beat inflation as they shop for Thanksgiving?" Kim Russell asked Meijer Store Director Patrick Smith.

"We have 55 cents a pound on turkey," said Patrick Smith, Meijer Store Director.

"I think I bought a 5 pound bag of potatoes at Meijer for 99 cents the other day, does that sound right?" Kim Russell asked Smith.

"You did. You did," Smith confirmed.

"I got the ham and the turkey. The five kids is bringing the trimmings," said Deborah Wilson, Meijer Shopper.

And as families work together to make amazing meals it can make it easier to spread out to different stores for deals.

Happy Thanksgiving!