Thousands pack Michigan Central Station's reopening concert with hometown legends

Posted at 10:59 PM, Jun 06, 2024

DETROIT (WXYZ) — Thursday was an exciting night for Detroit as thousands showed out for the grand reopening of Michigan Central Station.

Stars came out for the big opening concert including Big Sean, Diana Ross, the governor, the mayor and past and current athletes.

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“I know it with my eyes closed from the front door to the back,” Detroit resident John Franklin said.

Franlin was just a young boy in the 1950s running around the inside of the train station when it was active, grabbing food at the local businesses.

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“Hamburgers were 12 cents,” he said.

Franklin and other Detroiters have connections to the train station.

VIDEO: Take a look inside Michigan Central Station

'I think it shows glory.' The journey to Michigan Central's grand restoration reveal

“Businessmen would come into this train station and my grandmother would iron their clothes to make a living,” Patty Trevino from Southwest Detroit said.

Those with memories of Michigan Central are in awe of its rebirth.

“I used to come here as a kid, used to play out in the park, wait for my dad to get off work and have a little picnic on the grounds,” metro Detroit resident Mark White said.

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Ticket to the big concert sold out quickly. The entire show was produced by rapper Eminem. The crowd loved every minute of it.

What was once a neglected building is now a prized one in the community.

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Ford Motor Co. CEO Jim Farley is proud of the work put in and to finally show it off. Ford purchased the building, restoring it.

“Well, anyone who doubted from the national media, who took pictures of this place and said Detroit what a sad story — you’re wrong,” Farley said.

Hear more from Farley in the video player below:

Talking with Ford CEO Jim Farley about Michigan Central Station's transformation

Tours of the building for the community begin at noon on Friday through June 17. They'll continue on Fridays and Saturdays starting on June 21 through the end of August.

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