US unveils global strategy to commercialize fusion as clean energy source at COP28

John Kerry,Gina McCarthy
Posted at 7:56 AM, Dec 05, 2023
and last updated 2023-12-05 07:56:33-05

The United States will work with other governments to speed up efforts to make nuclear fusion a new source of carbon-free energy, U.S. Climate Envoy John Kerry said Tuesday, while in Dubai for U.N. climate talks.

Nuclear fusion melds two hydrogen atoms together to produce a helium atom and a lot of energy.

Some say it is at best years away.

But if achieved, it could be a major solution to climate change, which is caused largely by the burning of fossil fuels like oil, gas and coal, leaking natural gas as well as some livestock practices.

Globally, there are more than 40 fusion companies now.