VIDEO: Stolen sheep, miniature cow reunited with owners in Detroit

Posted at 5:54 AM, Feb 16, 2024

Police in Southwest Detroit spent the morning trying to corral a loose cow and sheep that were roaming the area following a crash.

We're told the sheep and cow were stolen from Pingree Farms in Detroit last week.

According to the farm, the animals are Angel, a sheep, and Little Bully, a miniature Angus bull, a newborn calf and a Nubian goat.

"Each of these animals play a role in our 4-H program with Detroit’s youth. We at Pingree Farms are doing our best to stay hopeful that our animals will be found and will come home to us," the post on Facebook said.

Unfortunately, we're told the newborn calf is presumed dead, and there has been no word on the goat.

The owners of the farm arrived on scene just before 7 a.m. to pick up Little Bully and Angel.

Cow and sheep on the loose in Southwest Detroit