VIDEO: EMU professors on strike following deadlock in contract negotiations

Posted at 11:35 AM, Sep 07, 2022
and last updated 2022-09-07 17:27:22-04

(WXYZ) — At least 500 faculty members at Eastern Michigan University are on strike following a deadlock in contract negotiations between teachers and the university.

This is not the first time employees at EMU have gone on a strike. The last protest happened in 2006 and lasted two weeks.

WATCH: EMU professors on strike

Walter Kraft, a spokesperson with EMU says the university is offering a 15.2% pay increase to employees over the next five years. But, Professor Matt Kirkpatrick, one of the lead negotiators for the union says this pay increase comes with a decrease in benefits like health care.

Eastern Michigan University faculty members on strike

"It is not what we wanted. It's not what anyone wants but hopefully, it will come to a quick resolution," Professor Matt Kirkpatrick said.

According to Kirkpatrick 91% of union members voted yes to a work stoppage in a Tuesday night meeting.

EMU professors go on strike following deadlock in contract negotiations

While strikes continue, a state-appointed mediator is scheduled to meet with both sides.