Bouncing balcony, new teaching style & more: Top stories you may have missed this week

Posted at 1:12 PM, May 10, 2024
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(WXYZ) — Hey, you're busy — we get it.

We know a lot happens throughout the week, and you may not catch all of our stories here at WXYZ. So we've decided to gather the most talked-about stories from the past week all in one place that you can check out during your free time over the weekend.

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Here are the buzz-worthy stories from the week of May 6:

'It's just a shame.' Harrison Twp. marina sustains major damage after Tuesday's storms

Harrison Twp. marina sustains major damage after Tuesday's storms

Much of the coverage across Michigan this week was due to severe storms that hit the area and brought several tornadoes to Western Michigan.

While no tornadoes hit metro Detroit, Harrison Township suffered significant damage from strong winds. At Lambrecht Marina on N. River Rd., half of the marina pier was blown off by the storms.

There are several boats that have suffered significant damage from portions of the marina pier falling onto it.

“That boat rocked on the jacks … and it shouldn’t do that,” said Larry Potter. “It was pretty wicked there for a minute.”

Matthew Curzenski, who is part of the yard crew at the marina, said he’s seen nothing like this in his 29 years working there.

“Never catastrophic like this, where you see telephone poles snapped, half the building’s gone, debris all over the field and the water … this is pretty extensive,” said Curzenski.

Trapped in a Psych Ward: ‘I felt kidnapped.’ Another patient comes forward after 7 investigation into MI doc

Trapped in a Psych Ward: ‘I felt kidnapped.' New patient speaks after 7 report

The 7 Investigators were the first to show you in February how patients have been alleging they were held against their will in psychiatric hospitals, or they say they were coerced into staying for treatment they don’t need. Since then, we’ve received hundreds of calls and emails from patients and family members with similar stories.

Officials with Michigan’s Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA) say they can’t comment on on-going investigations, but the 7 Investigators have learned that more complaints have been filed with LARA about the psychiatrist in our story.

One story we heard from was Sarah Guarino, who told us she cherishes her freedom and her life after being locked in a psychiatric hospital in March.

“I felt kidnapped,” said Guarino.

You can read Heather Catallo's full investigation here, and watch it in the video above.

'I’ve lost all trust': 2-year-old walks out of Southfield day care facility, into busy traffic

'I’ve lost all trust': 2-year-old walks out of Southfield day care facility, into busy traffic

This story had people across metro Detroit talking. A 2-year-old boy got out of his day care center and walked straight into oncoming traffic.

Thankfully, the boy is safe, but his mother is asking how something like this happened.

Daija Talley was driving last week Wednesday just after 3 p.m. when she got a call from Dorothy's Montessori Center where her toddler Kayson Cureton attended and she could not believe what the staff were telling her.

They notified her three hours after the incident occurred that her child had gotten out.

The Southfield Police Department says there currently is no surveillance video of the incident and they are investigating.

We got in touch with the center’s owner, Karufus Lymon, over the phone and he confirmed that a staff member was supposed to be watching the child but had turned her back when he walked out and has since been fired.

Read more here

Some schools are exploring a teaching model with 5 teachers & 80-100 students. Here's how it works

Some schools are exploring a new teaching model with 5 teachers & 80-100 students. Here's how it works

The teacher shortage is prompting some schools in Arizona to redesign school staffing in a non traditional way. Last week, we asked people if they thought Michigan's teacher shortage could be dealt with by changing the traditional teaching model from one teacher instructing 25-30 students to five-six teachers instructing 80-100 students in a classroom. It got more than 1,200 comments.

So, our Alicia Smith decided to talk with the man behind the effort to bring the new teaching model to schools in Michigan, and also spoke with educators in Detroit who are going to roll it out.

Learn all about the plan in the video above or by reading the story here.

VIDEO: Fox Theatre balcony seen bouncing at Gunna concert; is that normal?

VIDEO: Fox Theatre balcony seen bouncing at Gunna concert; is that normal?

It's a video that went viral on social media. Monday night, the balcony at the historic theatre was bouncing up and down during the Gunna concert.

Qiarra Bolden from Clinton Township had heard the lore of the Fox balcony before she attended her very first concert there, but she was still shocked to see just how much it really moved. Bolden was located just under the balcony.

"I was just concerned, like at any point could this collapse or fall on me? I don't really know," she said.

However, Ilitch Sports and Entertainment, which owns the Fox Theatre, quickly put the fear to rest.

The released a statement that said, in part, "The type of movement seen at the recent Fox Theatre concert is common and expected on free-standing balcony structures," and that recent inspections, the most recent completed last month, "are completed to ensure the integrity and safety of the structure."

Read and watch more on the story here

'Dope' or disappointing? Tigers fans sound off on City Connect uniforms

VOICES: Detroit Tigers unveil new City Connect uniforms

Earlier this week, the Tigers unveiled their much-anticipated City Connect uniforms, definitely brought out reactions from everyone.

The uniforms include the "Motor City" theme and show off the 313 area code, have tire-track designs, a VIN number and more.

We took the mannequin from "The D Shop" into Downtown Detroit to talk to people about what they thought.

"I think its awesome. It's the next best thing after the Lions uniform," Ryan Harvey, from Detroit, added. " I do like the tire marks. It really relates back to the city."

"I don’t think I like anything," Maya Caldwell, from Ann Arbor, said. "I just wish there was more orange included, just because I’m from Michigan and growing up for the Detroit Tigers, orange was a significant color. As well as the Detroit D."

Check out some more reactions here

VIDEO: See how close the Gordie Howe International Bridge is to being connected

Gordie Howe International Bridge nears connection over the Detroit River

This story really just came about because Chopper 7 was flying around and saw the Gordie Howe International Bridge was getting close to coming together!

We reached out to officials and they said the bridge gap between the American and Canadian sides is now just over 200 feet, and it will be connected this summer.

Construction on the bridge deck started in December 2022, and the full construction is expected to be complete by September 2025, with the first vehicles expected to travel across the bridge later that fall.

See more information here

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