Do metro Detroiters think Ann Arbor is one of the best places to live in the U.S.?

Posted at 7:02 AM, Apr 02, 2024
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(WXYZ) — The city of Ann Arbor is coming up in several new rankings around the country, saying it's one of the best cities to live.

Naturally, people have opinions, and we wanted to know if they think the city is worth the hype.

I went out to Ann Arbor and Plymouth to talk with the people who know best.

"I went to school in the Arbor so it's my town. I live in Plymouth because it's close to Ann Arbor," Drew Wong said.


"I live downtown, which I like because I grew up in New York City and I like walking, which is why you bumped into me," Deborah Dash Moore, a professor at the University of Michigan said. "I can walk to work. I can walk to go out."


"Does that seem right?" I asked.

"Oh, absolutely. A little bit of that outdoor lifestyle. A little bit of that urban lifestyle. Just enough of both," Dustin Basil, who lives in Ann Arbor, said.


"It's a good vibe here, especially late spring, summer fall. I think that really makes up for some of the gloominess you can get, like, in the winter months," one person told us.


"It's hard to get around for me. I don't know, the one way streets, the parking is hard. You're lucky to get a spot. It's tricky. You gotta really plan it out," Elise Bommarito, who lives in Westland, said.


"I only like Ann Arbor in the summertime when the students are gone. Then you can actually do the things that Ann Arbor is great for, you know, all the, the great restaurants and bars. But you got them here in Plymouth and you can go to them any time," Wong added.

"Is a little sticker shock when you go to Ann Arbor?" I asked.

Oh, for sure. I think there was six of us. It was like over $150 to eat our lunch," Bommarito added.

"It's really kind of hard, you know, to be anything other than very grateful that I can afford to live here. But at the same time, feel a little bit guilty about it," Basil said.

"If you could say this is what I would change about Ann Arbor, what would that be?" I asked Alan Haber.

"It would be affordable housing. I sense that this is actually a city for the people who live here. The people who run it now think this is a city for the people that we want to bring here for the new city and the people who are here are kind of a little bit in the way," Haber said.


'The entire town is built on education and catering to people who are either teaching or studying. That's pretty unique as far as I can tell," Vittoria Curl said. "People are very, I would say in accepting their viewpoints."


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