'Dope' or disappointing? Tigers fans sound off on City Connect uniforms

Posted at 6:24 AM, May 08, 2024
and last updated 2024-05-08 06:24:17-04

(WXYZ) — The Detroit Tigers released their brand-new City Connect series jerseys on Monday, and we wanted to know what people thought about them.

They're different, with a dark blue jersey, "Motor City" on the front and no famous Old English D.

I took the mannequin out of The D Shop to ask people what they think about the collection.

"I like it. It's different, I'll tell you I love the logo on the side of Detroit," Tina Awada, from Dearborn, said.


"I think its awesome. It's the next best thing after the Lions uniform," Ryan Harvey, from Detroit, added. " I do like the tire marks. It really relates back to the city."


"I’m excited to see them wear them and play in them," Ben Vorce told us. "I like the white ones better than gray, but this is better overall."


However, it wasn't the same for everyone.

"I don’t think I like anything," Maya Caldwell, from Ann Arbor, said. "I just wish there was more orange included, just because I’m from Michigan and growing up for the Detroit Tigers, orange was a significant color. As well as the Detroit D."


"I don't think this matches with that for some reason," Kim Ross, from Ann Arbor, told us.

Kim Ross.png

"One thing that’s missing is the old English D," Andrew Popvici said.


"I like the material," Gavin Pollard-Bey said. "Which kind of connects to the industriousness of how people perceive Detroit, but I don't think that how the people of Detroit feel they should be perceived."


"Motor City, that’s us," Dr. Darrius said. "The Woodward patch over here that’s dope. The tiger eyes up under the Detroit Tigers."


"The fact that they put Detroit into the uniform, they made sure the Motor City stays there and they acknowledged that as such. We can’t forget where we started and where we are going to end up. Let's bring back the Motor City," Harvey said.

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