From the Silent Generation to Gen Z, metro Detroiters sound off on the age of Biden & Trump

Posted at 5:30 AM, Feb 22, 2024
and last updated 2024-02-23 10:43:33-05

(WXYZ) — The presidential primary in Michigan is just days away, and early primary results indicate that 2024 will be a rematch of the 2020 contest between President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump.

The age of the candidates has been a hot topic this year. However, is it impacting your vote? I took to the streets of metro Detroit asking all generations where they stand.

However, some people didn't know how old the candidates were. From the silent generation to Gen Z, we asked them about the race, and the candidates' ages.

"I want to say Biden is about 72, and I want to say Trump is about 68," Felip told us on the streets of Royal Oak.

"Well i think Biden is probably 78, and I think Trump is 75," Don told us.

We even spoke to 12-year-old Addie, and asked if she thinks they are too old to run for president.

"No, my brother says you are never too old to start something," she told us.

They were shocked when we told them their actual age. Biden will be 82 years old just after the election and Trump turns 78 in June.

The silent generation couple who have been married for 61 years has a different opinion. Claudia believes Biden is doing great, while Alan thinks we can do better.

This silent generation couple, who have been married for 61 years, has a different opinion; Claudia believes Biden is doing great, while Alan thinks we can do better.

"I'm not for either one of them not because of their ages, because I don't agree with either one of them. I feel the same, I just don't want him to be the president," Alan said.

Elizabeth Jain, from the Baby Boomer generation, feels it's all about who can get the job done.

"I think if there are signs of their mental incompetency, then I would hope the Democratic and Republican national committees would take that into account and really push for who is really competent," Jain said.

Generation X's Ryan Slaskinski said he's amazed that in a nation of nearly 340 million people, the race to the White House will likely be between two seniors.

"We still need younger, fresher blood in administration and policy-making," he told me.

As a Millennial, Felip Lucas said he's just disappointed.

"Does age play a factor in your decision not to vote for either candidate?" I asked.

"Correct. With the ages showing here, America wants the old ways intact," he said.

Caleb Johnson, who is part of the youngest generation, Gen Z, still needs to decide who he will vote for.

Gen Z's Caleb Johnson still needs to decide who he will vote for.

"Why can't we have a guy who is is his 40s and 50?! That would be perfect," he said.

"Do you think there should be an age limit on who can run for president?" I asked.

"I would say 65, you cant run after 65," he responded.

Meanwhile, Addie Ross can't vote this election cycle, but the 12-year-old also doesn't want to run for the office either.

"When you become president, what is the hardest part of the job?" I asked her.

"Making the people happy. And hearing all the voices and making them feel they were heard," she said.