Hear what people on the special Delta solar eclipse flights thought of the experience

Posted at 6:56 AM, Apr 09, 2024

(WXYZ) — Seeing the total solar eclipse from the ground was incredible, but for many who got to see it from the sky, it was a different experience altogether.

We caught up with passengers as they arrived at Detroit Metro Airport after taking one of two special Delta solar eclipse flights out of Texas.

Lisa Hargus from Auburn Hills said she was flying back from Austin for a wedding and had no idea she was taking the historic flight home.

"We heard about the eclipse but we didn't understand the whole impact until we actually got to the airport and it was just a huge party on the whole plane, the whole gate, everything. Photographers everywhere," she said. "Totally dark, first it was like all these lights and stuff and then it just got dark!"

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Set Medlin and Jeannie Lucas, a married couple from Morehead City, N.C., booked the flight on purpose. They had a window seat and had a whole different take on the experience.

"It wasn't ideal from the aircraft because you can only see out of one side and the pilot had to turn to see the other side, but we were above the clouds," they said.

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Douglas Leng, from Traverse City, said he flew to Austin just to catch the eclipse flight back.

"It was excellent, it was like a big family. Everyone on the plane was together, the pilots, the flight attendants, someone even got engaged on the plane so it was just a true experience," he said.

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